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Welcome back to episode 7 of Secret Sauce! On the show today we start with an article that is focused on empowering young black women to take control of their lives: sexually, physically and emotionally.  Then we meet Graeme Seabrook a life coach who wants each of us to take more time to take care of ourselves. She has a virtual retreat coming up called Self Care in Color on October 16th and you are invited! Lastly we listen to a little stand up comedy from the hilarious Janelle James. Her new album Black and Mild is out and you need to own it. Thank you for joining us!!

More on Graeme Seabrook:

I have created The SelfCare In Color Virtual Retreat. It's a five-day online retreat for black women and femmes that will focus on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This is the first year of the retreat and I am trying to get the word out. 
I created this week because I see so many black women on the front lines in every arena. It is black women who created #BlackLivesMatter, black women who first created an NFL Boycott, black women who got entire teams to #TakeAKnee (WNBA) and black women who got 40,000 people to show in Boston and march against racism and fascism (Didi Delgado). 
But I also see 38% of black mothers experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms, and black women are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health complications than the general public. We are fighting so hard for everyone but ourselves. 
This is one week where we can stop for an hour each day and focus on us - on our health, on our healing, and on our joy. 
You can read all about us at and you can find us on Facebook at


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