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Welcome back to Secret Sauce! We change up the format of the show a bit as we continue to play around with different ways of celebrating black women. I am joined this episode by Tea from Fandom City and discussed sexual assaults on black women, when body shaming goes wrong and a change of heart. I then take a bit of a break to to interview Diane Liston from Styles of Imagination an award winning clothing manufacturer and designer from Cleveland Ohio. In my interview with Diane we talk about her first creation, her tenacity for success and why she believes sewing is a lost trade.

Award winning fashion designer and clothing manufacturer Diane Liston has been in business for years under the Styles of Imagination umbrella. She has become extremely successful with clothing in over 15 boutiques across the company under the signature line NGU (which stands for 'Never Give Up').  She has also been featured in more than 20 magazines, highlighted on local TV and given opportunities to work with local and national celebrities like John Legend and Dwight Eubanks from the Atlanta Housewife franchise. A mentor in her community Ms. Liston advises to be a little aggressive to be successful in business and drops some entrepreneurial gems on the show.

As a gift to the listeners of Secret Sauce Ms. Liston is giving a 15% discount on her website using coupon code Nov2017.  


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