SDCC 2022 Announcements & Trailers


Life has gotten really busy for Kriss and Dpalm so the regular Character Corner schedule has been a bit hectic these last few months. But thankfully Marvel has swooped in for a rescue by announcing a bunch of things for their next few phases of movies so that gives us a lot to talk about. 

In this episode we'll talk about some of the trailers and announcements made for movies and TV shows coming out of SDCC. Not all of them involve Marvel and DC. We got the first teaser for the new John Wick and Amazon dropped a new trailer for their really really really expensive Lord of the Rings show. But of course, this is a comic podcast so we're gonna want to focus on the comic book movies and TV shows that we got a look at. Unfortunately for DC fans, WB didn't really bring a lot. We all knew we weren't gonna hear anything about The Flash because...reasons. But WB only showed Shazam Fury of the Gods and Black Adam in a puzzlingly light presentation. They didn't even lean on their successes like Peacemaker or even The Batman (which dropped this year but it seems like everyone has just forgotten about). No Aquaman either. It's all just really puzzling.

And then Marvel came out and it was the complete opposite. A firehose of information about the end of Phase 4 and what's planned for Phases 5 & 6. And boy is it a lot. Then there's "that trailer". The Wakanda Forever trailer is a rollercoaster of emotion and we can't wait until November to see it.

Listen as we break down what we saw and have some light speculation.

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