SDCC 2019 Recap: How Our 6th Year of Coverage Unfolded


The MTR Network San Diego Comic-Con crew (Kriss, Shanna, Brandon and Ro) are doing something different this year. One of the main reasons we've been able to attend and cover conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and bring back photos, videos and other tidbits is because of the support of our fans, particularly MTR Premium members. We're a small, black independent media outlet and we're only able to cover the variety of shows and movies we do because of fan support. Because we're funded by our fans and Premium support, this means we can cover the shows and movies we want and that our fans want. It provides us a level of freedom other sites might not have.

And because of that, we decided this year that we will do recap shows that are only available to premium members. Your financial support is why we're able to cover these events so you should get to hear us recap our experiences. Don't worry, if you're not premium you'll still hear us discuss things from SDCC on our various other shows. But this specific, day-by-day recap of what the crew dealt with will be exclusive for premium members. So I hope you all enjoy and again, thank you for your support.

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