SDCC 2019: Her Universe Brings a Bevy of Fandom Style to San Diego


When you're a fashionista who also loves fandoms, Her Universe is the place to go for items that nod to fandom without seeming like knock-off cosplay items. Ahead of their annual SDCC fashion show, Her Universe is also launching capsule collections inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, and She-Ra Princesses of Power. Here are some of my favorite items this year ...

Beauxbatons Never Looked Better


While some HP enthusiasts might be excited for the Hermione Granger dress (inspired by her Yule Ball outfit), I'm totally in the bag for this sky blue Fleur Delacour capelet dress modeled off of her Beauxbatons uniforms. Available soon! 




Summer of '77

Ever since Solo everyone has been leaning into the 70's aesthetic of Star Wars and this breezy, summer collection is no exception. My fave is this long-sleeved, striped Millenium Falcon top. Perfect for any Star Wars fan. 





For the Honor of Greyskull!

We LOVE She-Ra here at the MTR Network and I honestly can't choose just one. The Princesses of Power tank top adds some dynamism with a chiffon-backed insert, with a gold-foiled print of She-Ra's sword. That paired with the hoodie modeled from She-Ra's costume, is the perfect way to feel like a Princess of Power. 

These items and more (like this amazing Loki dress) can be found at Her Universe's San Diego Exclusives page. 

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