SDCC: 10 Awesomely Creepy Moments with Lakeith Stanfield in Hall H – Death Note Panel

Lakeith Stanfield, Skittles, Hall H, SDCC, Death Note

Lakeith Stanfield devours his skittles as L during Hall H at SDCC

Besides the obvious anticipation for the premier of Marvel's crime fighting ensemble, Netflix's most exciting new property is an Americanized version of the popular manga "Death Note".  Netflix opened their debut at Hall H with a Death Note panel hosted by Terry Crews for the cast and crew of the new film which included the two main stars Nat Wolfe as Light Yagmi and Lakeith Stanfield as L. Anyone familiar with the manga understands how much the relationship between these two drives the cat and mouse narrative of the story. Nailing these two characters is proportionately essential to the success of this film amongst fans. There is no Light without an L, so to see Lakeith Stanfield show up as the character to Hall H was a huge seller.

And that's when things got creepy and fun! Here are the 10 most Creepy Moments with Lakeith during the panel.

  1. Lakeith's "That dude still owes me money" face is too real.Lakeith Stanfield stares into the crowd at the Hall H Panel for Death Note
  2. This picture wouldn't be creepy if all these other ones didn't exist.  Whatever the hell he was trying to figure out, he just did and I think the worst place to be now is right next to him with a goofy set of smiles on your faces.
  3. That water bottle is going to help him catch Light... or there's vodka in it.  Oooh that sweet, sweet nectar of celebration and triumph!Lakeith Stanfield looks at water bottle at the Hall H panel for Death Note
  4. I don't even know what the hell is going on here and neither does Nat.  But Lakeith does.
  5. Okay this one isn't even creepy.  It's just funny to me... but clearly not anyone else.
  7. Nope!
  8. Lakeith's "You just gone leave the rest room without washing your hands" face.
  9. We're all fucked!  But especially you.  You're the most fucked of all us!
  10. This is possibly the Blackest moment ever on a Hall H panel.  This is what every black boy did in class after finishing a test early.

Check out more photos of the Death Note Hall H Panel here.




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