Scarlet Witch and Vision: Marvel’s Odd Couple


First Character Corner of 2021 and we timed it to come out the same weekend that Marvel premieres its first Disney+ TV series: WandaVision. So, of course we had to tackle the Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch and her husband (ex-husband technically) Vision. These two characters actually have a pretty robust history and in the case of Wanda, have some pretty serious consequences in the Marvel Universe. The fallout from House of M significantly changed the status of mutants and led to some major moments. Hope wasn't wrong when she said she blamed Wanda for everything. Both Wanda and Vision have some deep cut connections to the Golden Age. And for those that have seen the first two episodes of WandaVision, getting some of the background gone on these characters will probably make you look at those first two episodes less as a sitcom and more as the setup for a horror story. 


  • Uncanny X-Men #4 - First appearance of Scarlet Witch and her twin brother, Pietro/Quicksilver
  • Avengers #16 - Cap's Kooky Quartet. Wanda & Pietro join the Avengers
  • Avengers #57 - First appearance of Vision
  • Avengers #108 & 198
  • Avengers #128 - Agatha Harkness becomes to the magical mentor of Wanda
  • Avengers #133 - 135 - Full origin of Vision revealing his connection to the android Human Torch
  • Giant Size Avengers #4 - Marriage of Vision and Scarlet Witch
  • Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1982)
    • Issue 4 - Magneto revealed to be the father of Wanda and Pietro
  • Avengers #242 - 243 - Vision becomes leader of the Avengers
  • Avengers #251 - 254 - Vision tries to take over the world's computers. Is stopped and then monitored by world governments
  • Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985)
    • These 12 issues lead to the birth of Wanda & Vision's twins: Tommy & Billy
  • West Coast Avengers #42 - 5 - Vision Quest. Vision is dismantled and put back together without human emotion
  • West Coast Avengers #51 - 52 - The truth about Wanda & Vision's twins is revealed
  • Avengers Vol 3 #10 - Wanda brings Wonder Man back from the dead
  • Avengers vol 3 #500 - 503 - Disassembled. Wanda remembers the truth about her twins and things go very very badly
  • House of M
    • Wanda makes her way to #2 on the All Time Mutant decimation list with three simple words: No More Mutants
  • Children's Crusade
    • Wiccan and Speed search for Wanda who they believe they are the reincarnated souls of her twins
  • Avengers vs X-Men
  • Uncanny Avengers - The "Unity" squad. 
  • Vision (Tom King)

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