Scarestalgia: This is Not a Haunted House

As always we don’t really plan when a Scarestalgia is coming out…it just happens. And you benefit. This time, Kriss and Ashanti were checking out Shudder’s Creepshow series and decided that with this been the week of Halloween and the last episode coming on Halloween…what better time to record and talk about the series horror fans should be watching.
But before that, we hit some other things that are in the news. First, Creep 3 might be coming just around the corner. If you haven’t watched Creep and Creep 2, stop reading this right now and go watch both (they’re on Netflix). Then go and listen to our episode talking about that awesome series. 
Then we start talking about McKamey Manor which claims to be the scariest, most intense haunted house tour in America. But really, turns out its just some sick dude’s way of getting off on torturing people (yes…those people). We take a look at some of the crazy stuff in the 40-page waiver. 


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