San Diego Comic Con 2017: Doctor Who and Sherlock Shop Exclusives


This year brings a 13th Doctor announcement that has shaken social media in a number of ways.  (Let me go on record that I am happy we are moving away from type and casting a woman.  It was seeded during 12's run that a Time Lord changing gender upon regeneration was a possibility with the introduction of Missy and The General's regeneration in Hell Bent.)

But I digress-what better way to celebrate the close of Peter Capaldi's run as the 12th regeneration of our favorite Time Lord, a celebrated final season of Orphan Black, and a fantastic fourth season of Sherlock than with some BBC Exclusives at SDCC?  From a San Diego Kawaii hoodie celebrating the new series, gorgeous jewelry pieces, to new Orphan Black, Sherlock, and Doctor Who Funkos, this year's BBC shop promises a variety of new collectibles for con attendees.



Check them out at the BBC America booth #4129.






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