Character Corner: Robins Part 1 – Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, the Heir and the Prodigal


Kriss and Dpalm are back with another Character Corner episode. This time its Part 1 of a two part series on the Robins. Weve covered most of the Robins already in previous episodes like Batman's Rogue Gallery, Tim Drake, all the Batgirl episodes and our three part Batman series. But weve never really dug deep into each of the Robins and gone into their differences and how they tell the larger story of Batman.

We’re starting with Dick Grayson and Jason Todd not just because chronologically they were the first two robins but also because they represent the larger issues weve seen with Batman & DC Comics when they get translated to movies and TV. Everyone knows Dick Grayson is the first Robin but the reality is, by the time most of us were reading comics and aware of Batman, Grayson was far removed from being Robin. Same could be said for Jason Todd. Jason was first introduced in 1983 and was killed off in 1988. The first two Robins came and went before most people today were even 10. And thats where we see DC getting into trouble. The mantle of Robin is almost just as important and divisive as Batman. There isn't another sidekick character in which you have 4-5 drastically different character holding the title and all of them are just about important. Dick, Jason, Tim/Stephanie and Damien.

Were gonna go through each Robin and talk not just about some of their key issues but really dive into how theyre different from each other, and the role they play in Bruce/Batmans life. First up...the heir & the prodigal son: Richard & Jason.

Key Issues:

    • First Appearances 
        • Detective Comics #38 - First appearance of Dick Grayson/Robin


        • Tales of the Teen Titans #44 - First appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing


        • Batman #357 - First appearance of Jason Todd (Pre-Crisis)


      • Batman #366 - First appearance of Jason Todd as Robin (Pre-Crisis)



    • Enter Jason Todd 
        • Batman #408 - First appearance of Post-Crisis Jason Todd


        • Batman #410 - Post-Crisis Todd's first appearance as Robin


        • New Teen Titans vol 2 #20



      • Batman #416 - Jason & Dick meet for the first time; Bruce admits to why he replaced Grayson


    • Death of Jason Todd 
        • Batman #422


        • Batman #424 - Does Jason kill Garzonas or not?



    • Batman Prodigal 
        • Batman #512


        • Shadow of the Bat #32




        • Detective Comics #679


        • Robin Vol 4 #11


        • Batman #513


        • Shadow of the Bat #33


        • Detective Comics #680


        • Robin Vol 4 #12


        • Batman #514


        • Shadow of the Bat #34


        • Detective Comics #681


      • Robin Vol 4 #13


    • Nightwing series


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