Rewatching ‘Searching’


Searching came out in 2018 and while it's not a "found footage" film, we are watching it it again as part of our found footage series? Why? Well, several reasons. A lot of newer found footage films are using the same style of camera work that Searching does. Using facetime on a phone/laptop, Alex-type in home cameras, etc. As a matter of fact, we reviewed Host, which kinda used the same type of camera work (just nowhere near as good). Then there was the really horrendous Unfriended, that was also really bad. So we're taking a detour to rewatch and discuss Searching because it actually does everything right. How? By focusing on the story. Searching has a really compelling story with several twists and turns in it. The story really takes the audience along on the journey of trying to find out what happened to Margot and plays on a lot of troupes that audiences have seen in other films to misdirect. This film really holds up and is worth giving a rewatch (or a first viewing if you haven't seen it before).

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