Revisiting the 1990’s Slasher Hit ‘Scream’


We can't believe it's taken us this long to do this but we're finally talking the 1996 horror film that revitalized the genre, Scream. We take a trip back to this Wes Craven masterpiece and kick ourselves over how we were ever fooled into not knowing that Billy & Stuart were the killers the entire time. Other things we talk about with this film:

  • Who the hell chooses to be called "Skeet"?
  • Killing off Drew Barrymore at the beginning of the film
  • Find Wes Craven
  • What the hell is everyone wearing?
  • Why the hell did Sidney throw the gun away?

Take a trip back with us as we revisit this film. know we have to do Scary Movie now too right?

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