Rant: The Justice League (And Most Comic Book Characters) Do NOT Need to Be ‘Dark & Gritty’


I was wrapping up my day at work yesterday when I came across a post on Instagram that was belittling “critics and the general audiences” for not “understanding” why the Justice League and other DCEU films are so “dark and gritty”. Whoever wrote the post was trying to explain that the “general audience” doesn’t understand that DC Comics and characters are more violent and therefore need to be darker and more grittier.

It is by far the biggest load of horseshit I’ve read in defense of the DCEU. So I put together a bit of a rant to explain why the people that keep acting like characters like the Justice League need to be darker and more edgy are the ones who don’t understand the characters, not the “general public”.

And just so I’m clear, this goes across the board, not just with DC films. I love Deadpool, but the idea that it’s only good because it’s R-rated is one of the biggest misunderstandings behind why that film succeeded. Too many of us have grown up and forgotten the feelings of wonder and amazement we got from these characters and now want to turn them into darker, harder bastardizations of what we grew up on.

We need to stop that. Whoever is making these comic book films (and apparently some of their fans) need to get back to the core of these characters and what made them icons.



Charles (Kriss)

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