The R Kelly Situation


I know I know, we weren't supposed to have any more Insanity Check episodes this month. But then Buzzfeed dropped an article about what one of America's most infamous serial pedophiles is up to currently and well, fuckery happened. It's no secret that R Kelly is a pedophile but the way he's able to not only get away with it but thrive financially from it is sickening. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the defenses of him. I'm tired of him being able to get away with it. I'm tired of the blame going solely to black women. I'm tired of people acting like R Kelly is able to be a sexual predator because of the enablers around him.

So that's why there's a show. Its just me (Kriss) with a bit of a rant. But I needed to get this shit out of my head before I fly out to San Diego. Don't need this bullshit to follow me to the West Coast.

For those that can stomach it, the Village Voice article on all the claims against R Kelly.

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