Quick Review: Thor Ragnarok


Our full review for Thor Ragnarok will be coming later this week but I wanted to put out a quick mini-review with 7 thoughts on the movie since I saw it last week. The basics:

  • Thor Ragnarok is the best Thor film and one of Marvel's best solo films
  • Tessa Thompson & Cate Blanchett are great in their roles
  • Hela is Marvel's first female villain and she's great
  • There are real stakes and ramifications for Thor & Asgard going forward
  • Plenty of connections to the Avengers 
  • The Warriors Three deserve better
  • No Lady Sif 
  • *BONUS* Heimdall gets to do more

Our full review will be out on the Movie Trailer Review feed later this week. You can also check out part 1 of our Thor Character Corner here and part 2 will be dropping soon so make sure you're subscribed to the Character Corner to get it when it releases.



Charles (Kriss)

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