The Power of the Daleks Animated Series



For Doctor Who fans, that one word inspires terror, hate, and…let’s be honest, a bit of excitement. For the Doctor, it inspires fury, regret, and a tinge of hope. Every incarnation of the Doctor has had an encounter with the Daleks. Every time our hero encounters them, we are treated to episodes that are exciting and thought provoking. While much of the original footage from the classic series has been digitally converted and can be found on Amazon Prime, many episodes were lost through purges over the years.

On November 14th, one of the most beloved arcs, The Power of the Daleks, will be coming to select theaters in animated form. Taking place during the regeneration of the First Doctor, this arc follows the Second Doctor as he and his companions battle the Daleks once more. Following the one-day theatrical viewing, which will include several exclusives, BBC America will premiere the series arc on November 19th.

Details and tickets go on sale October 14 at Check back here for a review of the series!




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