Pinocchio is a Disney Remake without a Soul


Disney's live action remake of Pinocchio has all the pieces to be another great live action remake of one of their classic animated films. It has the cast and visuals that put it on track for this. Unfortunately what was produced feels as soul-less as Pinocchio before the Blue Fairy showed up to turn him into a living puppet. 

The choices made for this film are puzzling. Why cast Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy and then have her only sing one song at the beginning of the film and then never show up again? Why cast anyone in this cast and then so strictly follow the storyline of the animated film that it makes no sense to go for such a big name? Adults will find themselves wondering why certain actors are in this film and then criminally underused. Another problem is the pace. It feels as if someone held a gun to the head of those writing this screenplay and old them if the story lingered on a plot point or deviated too much from the animated film they would never see their family again. Throughout this entire film it felt as if the point wasn't to connect the audience with the nostalgic feeling of the original but to just check a box to say it was done. 

Pinocchio is probably good enough to keep young children entertained for almost 2 hours. That's what warrants a 7 in this review. This is a curved review scale that looks at a kids film and how likely it is to keep your kids distracted enough for you to have some down time. However, if the audience watching this film is older and expecting more out of the cast of the story, then they will be extremely disappointed. One has to wonder if maybe this is one of those films that fell victim to filming during the pandemic with Covid-restrictions. Something just seems off. Disney usually does a better job of ensuring that the magic isn't lost when translating from animation to live-action but Pinocchio is definitely missing something.

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Zemo x2 17 September, 2022 at 02:22 Reply

    Anyone who watches this film will just be wasting their time. They be much better off watching Del Toro’s Pinocchio film. It looks more original and it not just a stupid remake. Or just watch the original film. Either one would be better than another soulless renske that exists to exploit Nostalgia of older viewers.

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