Pet Sematary: Bloodlines – Spoiler Reviews


Director: Lindsey Anderson Beer
Writers:  Lindsey Anderson Beer, Jeff Buhler

Starring: Jackson White, Natalie Alyn Lind, Forrest Goodluck, Isabella LaBlanch, David Duchovny, Samantha Mathis, Pam Grier
Runtime:  1 Hour 27 Minutes

Synopsis: In 1969 a young Jud Crandall and his childhood friends band together to confront an ancient evil that has gripped their hometown of Ludlow.

For reason people love taking Stephen King's work and butchering it. We've seen some really egregious examples of this over the years but Pet Sematary: Bloodlines is probably one of the worst. Coming in at only 87 minutes, it's a short movie that still has you wondering every second what the purpose of making it was. It has none of the scares or creepiness of other Pet Sematary films. It also makes the mistake of not making the town a character, which is essential to any Stephen King work. Pet Sematary: Bloodlines was clearly originally pitched to be a TV series and instead it got reduced to a shell of a movie that is pointless to watch, even at home.

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