Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Adds Andy Garcia & Michael K Williams


Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot is moving along pretty nicely. He's recently posted photos of the proton packs being used in the movie:


I love that they have have a classic, homemade feel to them. I also love that Feig is sharing information with the fans but not oversharing to the point of being Bryan Singer annoying. He seems to have a real passion for this movie and that's always a great sign.

In addition to giving us a sneak peak of what the film will look like, the film is also rounding out its cast.  Andy Garcia (Ocean's Eleven) and Michael K Williams (Boardwalk Empire & The Wire) are both set to join the film as well as Cecily Strong:



“Ghostbusters”  has landed itself a high profile politician in Andy Garcia — and another “Saturday Night Live” alum in Cecily Strong.

The “Ocean’s Eleven star has been cast as the Mayor of New York City in Paul Feig‘s franchise reboot for Sony Pictures, starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth.

Strong, currently on her “SNL” hiatus, will play an unconfirmed character. She also appears in this year’s Sundance darling “The Bronze” as well as McCarthy’s forthcoming “Michelle Darnell.”

Michael Kenneth Williams of “Boardwalk Empire” and HBO fan favorite “The Wire” also joins the project, currently shooting in Boston, as a character named Hawkins. SOURCE


This movie seems to be coming around pretty nicely. Feig's film is the only news about the Sony's attempt to do a series of new Ghostbusters films that seem promising to me. I think Feig and McCarthy make a great team (Spy was hilarious). I'm also given hope after Channing Tatum has come out and said that the "all-male reboot" will probably not happen. Why does that give me hope? Because we can first stop calling Feig's film the "all-female reboot". It's just the Ghostbusters reboot film now. That's how it always should have been. I think Sony coming out and announcing this film then talking a week later about an all-male reboot as well undercut Feig's film which probably will be the superior movie. I'm becoming more aware and sensitive to how Hollywood treats movies centering around minorities. Out of all the leaked ideas we've seen about reviving Ghostbusters, only Feig's seems like it could be a good movie. I think Sony should focus on it first then see about expanding into other films if this one works.



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