“Welcome Back Frank” – The History of The Punisher


On this Character Breakdown we take a look at the history of The Punisher! This is actually part of our Character Corner on Daredevil/Elektra/Punisher, but we pulled out just the part on The Punisher. We break down the first appearance of Frank Castle, what makes the character tick and why we think the Netflix Punisher series has an uphill battle on its hands to make a 13 episode series based off of him. Check it out.


  • Amazing Spider-Man #129 - First appearance
  • Punisher vol 4 #1-12 Welcome Back Frank - Garth Ennis
    • #3 - Punisher gives Daredevil an impossible choice
  • Punisher Max vol 3 - Mother Russia * Not on Marvel Unlimited
    • Frank takes a mission for Nick Fury
  • Punisher War Journal (1988)
  • Punisher War Zone 2012 -Frank vs the Avengers
  • Daredevil vol 1 #257 - Daredevil vs Punisher




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