New MTR Podcast: HellNoCupid Coming on the 15th


hell-no-cupidYou've heard Kriss rant about OkCupid and online dating on the Insanity Check. You've heard the crazy stories as well (Bronies & Furries and more).  You've been wanting to hear more so we're giving the people what they want.  On January 15th at 830pm,  we'll be launching a new podcast "HellNoCupid".  On this show we'll be focusing on the dating struggles of the grown nerdy adults.  We like movies, comic books, video games and enjoying life yet we still find a way to struggle in the dating game.  So join us as we launch this show to talk about the topics of dating.  And yes, you can still share your crazy dating stories with us.  We now have an official email account for the show:  HellNoCupid@MovieTrailerReviews.Net.  See you all on the 15th!



Charles (Kriss)

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