New Hell No Cupid Segment: Dear John


So far the Hell No Cupid podcast has been more successful than I could imagine.  It's been fun opening up about dating and talking about the common issues we all face.  But now, we're going to add even more to it.  We're adding a new segment to #HellNoCupid.  Send John@doncoyote your dating issues and he'll tell you what's wrong with you. Basically we want your "Dear John Letters".  How is this going to be different from all those other "relationship experts"?  Easy.  No one here is admitting to being an expert.  The first step to helping folks understanding their relationship issues is understanding your own faults and mistakes and previous damage.  So let John use his experience and humor to help you understand where you're going wrong.

Email us at  Don't worry if you don't want to use your real name just tell us and we'll make sure we don't read it on air.  We'll even take the "Well this isn't for me but for my friend..." emails.



Charles (Kriss)

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