New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition


New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition 

My March watch list exploded. This isn't really a surprise, it's me we're talking about here. So to keep up with my reading goals and help you add to your TBR pile, Ro Recommends is now a permanent segment on I Talk Sh*t & Read. Welcome to New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition.

Twice a month, I'll share my "must reads" from the month's new releases. First up are some fantasy picks that may just satisfy that jones you've got for sibling rivalry, arranged marriages gone awry, first love, revenge, or a dangerous quest...or two. 

Historical Fantasy: 

New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition 


Reincarnation and Reimagining history make intriguing entry points into magical worlds and dangerous journeys with questionable guides.  






Young Adult Fantasy 

New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition 


Fairytales and Mythology in an urban fantasy setting. Chupeco's world-building style takes a bit of getting used to, there's always more to learn but the journey's ended up being worth it in the past. 

Think you maybe up for discovering if a dethroned Prince can return magic and save his kingdom? 




High Fantasy 

New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition 


Anne Bishop returns to the Black Jewel saga and doesn't miss a step. If you're already down this rabbit hole then the eleventh installment is certain to shake things up. I hit the highlights in my audio review but simply put Bishop found a new gear to shift into that promises interesting times ahead. 





Short on Time? How About an Anthology:

New Book Tuesday: March 10th Edition 

Synopsis: Filled with stories of love and betrayal, strength and resistance, this collection contains an array of complex and true-to-life characters in which you cannot help but see yourself reflected. Witches and scientists, sisters and lovers, priestesses and rebels: the heroines of A Phoenix First Must Burn shine brightly. You will never forget them.

Authors include: Elizabeth Acevedo, Amerie, Dhonielle Clayton, Jalissa Corrie, Somaiya Daud, Charlotte Davis, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Justina Ireland, Danny Lore, L.L. McKinney, Danielle Paige, Rebecca Roanhorse, Karen Strong, Ashley Woodfolk, and Ibi Zoboi.

Enough Said. 



If you like what you hear, click on a book cover to find an independent bookstore near you to purchase from. Shopping indie when you can may just keep someone's lights on.*

*this post contains affiliate links and some books were provided by publisher's in exchange for an honest assessment and/or review. 

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