New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer – Someone is Gonna Die



Come on.

This is getting unfair. Marvel's been doing a slow and steady marketing campaign for Avengers: Infinity War. They know they have a hit on their hands and they know that fans are itching for it so they've been giving us small tastes here and there. Plus with Black Panther going for its 5th straight weekend at #1, they had even more reason to take it slow. But here we are, on the day tickets go on sale and they drop a massive trailer for Infinity War and's more than I could have asked for. 

We get clear looks at The Black Order (who, we still don't know the actors who are playing them...well played Feige). We get a classic Ebony Maw vs Strange preview (Hickman's work coming to the big screen...we're not worthy). Thanos in full armor. Thanos in what looks like a flashback taking a young Gamora. I have a feeling this is part of a scene where Gamora tells about how Thanos came to her planet and wiped everyone else out. Captain America vs Thanos in another classic comic book look. Earth's Mightiest Asshole Tony Stark meeting the Galaxy's Biggest Smartass in Peter Quill. Spider-Man & Doctor Strange (I'm using their made up names). Oh and to top it all off: Wakanda Wakanda Wakanda.

Some of our favorites ain't gonna make it out this one folks. Hope you're prepared.




Charles (Kriss)

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