Netflix Buys Rights to Gotham in Exclusive Video on Demand Deal


Gotham-TV-ShowDeadline is reporting that Netflix has signed a huge deal to he exclusive video on demand rights to Gotham:

[quote]In what is believed to be the first SVOD deal for a broadcast series made before its premiere, Netflix has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution for the upcoming Fox drama series Gotham. Under the pact, Netflix will become the exclusive subscription video on demand home of the Warner Bros. TV-produced Batman prequel in the U.S. as well as in each of the territories in which the streaming network operates and select other territories in which it plans to launch services. Each season of the series will be available to Netflix members following their broadcast run. In the U.S. that is expected to be in September 2015, coinciding with the potential Season 2 premiere. Noone is discussing figures, but I hear the deal is worth about $1.75 million an episode.[/quote]

That's a pretty big deal.  Two things that stand out to me:

1.  This gives me a lot of confidence that Gotham is going to at least get 1 full season.  With Netflix dropping some serious dough per episode, it's in Fox's best interest to let the show run it's full season.  With audiences falling more and more in love with binge watching a whole season, this also means that Fox might be more willing to ignore the weekly old fashion idea of ratings watching.  This is a good thing.  I've never liked the way networks look at ratings and I don't believe it fully captures how a show is resonating with audiences

2.  Netflix stays making movies.  I'm pretty sure we'll get a price increase soon because they're doing a lot but it'll be well worth it.

In the end, while this is a huge deal for Netflix and Fox, we the audience win the most.  Anything that shows that networks are adapting to how people watch their shows is great news for us.  And who is to say that maybe if Network TV doesn't work out for Gotham it doesn't move over completely to Netflix.  This is great news.



Charles (Kriss)

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