Net Neutrality – What it is and How You Can Fight Back



Kriss is joined by Justin (@LJay90) from ThreeFifsPodcast for a special Insanity Check episode where Justin explains what Net Neutrality is, how we got here, why it's bad and what we can do to fight back.

*You'll also find it funny as we go from "Doug Jones has no chance" to "Omg...I think Jones might pull this off" during the show.

How to write a good comment
Gigi Sohn, the former council to Tom Wheeler gives 4 steps to follow when writing an FCC Comment
1. Write about yourself and how the net neutrality rules have affected you
If you use the internet in any capacity, write about it. Have you used the internet to launch your small business? Connect with a loved one? Complete your degree program, whether it was high school, college, or post graduate? Write about that experience.
2. Write about what you understand you are buying when you purchase broadband Internet access
When you buy a package from Verizon, what is it that you're actually buying? For the decision to be upheld the ISPs have to prove that their customers aren't just buying "internet access", but if that's all you're using them for then write about that.
3. Write about the choices you have (or don’t) for broadband Internet access
Sohn writes that, "An April 2017 FCC report demonstrates the fallaciousness of such an assertion – it shows that 58% of Americans have access to either zero or one broadband ISP, and 87% have access to just two." If you don't have a true choice, write about that.
4. Write about what role you think the FCC should have in overseeing the market for broadband Internet access
If you don't want the ISPs to run rampant as they have attempted to in the past and believe in strong federal oversight, let the FCC know!

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