We're all excited for Black Panther coming out in February. So we thought what better way than to try to secure a way to watch the film with all our fans. We've secured two theaters, one in Washington DC and another in LA. 

Theater Information:

  • LA: Friday Feb. 16th 8pm Cinemark at Pike in Long Beach

  • DC: Saturday Feb. 17th 12 pm Regal Cinema Gallery Place Stadium 14 Washington DC

 Bookmark this page. We're looking at putting tickets on sale on Friday January 12th at noon est. We'll also be setting up meet up times for people to get their tickets (we need to give you a physical ticket to actually get in). We'll post the meeting times as well as what our plans are for after each screening (meeting up for drinks) on this page as well.

Get Tickets for the LA Screener here.


Get Tickets for the DC Screener here.