NCBD: ‘Money Shot’ Takes Scientists Cum Pornstars to New Worlds


In a society ruled by an anti-science government, beholden to innovation that's only worthwhile if it makes generates profit, what is a scientist supposed to do? For scientist Christina Ocampo, the solution is sex.

As we know, the porn industry has driven many technological advances and in Money Shot the fate of space exploration relies on human's desire to see something new and exciting in the world of porn. It's a lighthearted execution of a real-world concept. I don't know anyone who hasn't worked in the fields of non-profit or public good who hasn't lamented giving it all up to be a stripper or make a quick buck in the sex industry. Here, writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, G.I. Joe), drops us right in the middle of a group of scientists who have grown tired of watching their research languish due to lack of funding. With their intrepid, though self-absorbed leader, Christina Ocampo, the scientists deliver livestreams of their "close encounters" home to Earth and use the money generated to fund their research. 

The first issue of the series is told mostly through flashbacks to how the Star Shot project was started. Despite making contact with alien races, Earth was deemed too much of a shit show for aliens to hang around. Because there's no political will to explore space and redeem Earth's standing in the universe, scientists have abandoned space exploration and Ocampo and her team are stuck writing grants that go unfunded. Although her unlikely idea funds their research, it's obvious that not all of her colleagues are completely on-board with her solution for the project. Physicist, Dr. Bree Wander, seems to have an axe to grind with Christina and her former lover, Dr. Omar Steinberg is also a part of the team. The personal and professional lines are clearly blurred and as the series goes on, those issues will be sure to take center stage against the backdrop of space exploration and sexy shenanigans. 

Sarah Beattie's art is sexy and lush without feeling pornographic. It's amazing how a series about scientists having sex with alien creatures doesn't feel as overtly sexual as some superhero comics I've seen. And while there are plenty of sex jokes to be had, the book focuses on the absurdity of the situations rather than T&A. Money Shot is a funny, timely comic that I can't wait to see more of. 

Money Shot debuts today Oct. 23rd. Stop by your local comic book shop or buy it digitally on ComiXology.

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