MTR Premium helps keep the MTR Network running smoothly as well has helps us to expand. 2017 was a big year for us as we added more shows both on the Premium side and on the Non-Premium side. We redesigned our site and increased all of our hosting plans as well as updated podcast equipment and the equipment we used to cover Conventions. All of this is possible through the support of our Premium members. 
We have over 200+ premium episodes currently and we’re planning on adding even more content coming in 2018. We aim for 6-8 additional episodes on the Premium network each month.

Here is a list of some of the show's you can get with a MTR Premium Subscription:

  • Comic Book Book Club - Our book club for comic books. Listen to our panel discuss a wide range of books. We've discussed everything from Jonathan Hickman's Secret Warriors, Y The Last Man, Saga, Fables, Scott Snyder's Batman and more.
  • Hell No Cupid - Kriss and John have real and funny conversations about dating & relationships
  • Molecules & Shit - Our science team of Coqui & P-Funk continually pump out shows that inform and make science fun again.
  • Nostalgia Reviews - Kriss and his guest discuss a movie/TV show from our childhood like Demolition Man, The Alien trilogy, BeetlejuiceTremors, They Live, and more.
  • Scarestalgia - Kriss & Ashanti talk about horror films and horror/scary things in general.
  • DocuDrunks The ladies of the MTR Network drink and discuss black documentaries
  • Doctor Who Retrospective - Our resident Doctor Who fan hosts a deep dive into the various Doctors and spinoff shows
  • Extras - Extra premium content includes spoiler reviews for movies like Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, Justice League, The Last Jedi and more!

All you have to do is sign up using the form below. Please leave the box checked for receiving updates by email. That's how we communicate issues to our Premium Subscribers and we promise not to spam you.  Once you log in you'll get instant access to episodes. The iOS Podcast App for iPhones doesn't seem to work consistently with the premium feed. The good news is, there are better Podcast Apps for your phone. We recommend RSS Radio for iPhones and Beyond Pod for Android. If you listen in iTunes on your computer you should be fine.

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