Movie Review: Pet Sematary – A Creepy Cat, A Disturbing Child and a Disappointing Script

A creepy cat and disturbing child actor performance might not be enough to save the script for some folks. It really comes down to if the creepiness is enough to overlook the watered down and safe script

Kriss, Ro and Brandon are back to review the remake of Pet Sematary. This is a bit of a contentious review with varying opinions but in the end we can all come to an agreement: This could have been better. There are points in this film that are very disturbing and creepy. The cat is very creepy and Jeté Laurence continues the tradition of creepy child actors nailing roles of creepy kids from a Stephen King novel. But the script seems to leave a lot on the table and it's either something you can overlook or leaves you very disappointed. 

Listen has the crew discusses and debates what they thought of this film. Who do you side with? Let us know


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