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Movie Trailer Reviews presents a review of The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall

I also had my friend Trene go to see the film and she had these thoughts:

 liked the movie.  It started off slow.  Granted Robert Downey Jr. always has some sort of asswholish tendencies it was kind of on the back burner this go around.  The Judge seemed to bring to life all the aspects of the traditional date night, sad story, romance movie.  You have a death in the family that brings back the estranged son to a whole in the wall town he escaped years ago, the father he doesn’t get along with, the younger brother who is special needs, the older brother who had a tragedy happen in his teenage years that prevented him from getting out of the small town, the old high school flame, and the thought of the old high school flames daughter potentially being yours.  The movie provided some sad times, funny moments, and bring a tear to your eyes moments.
All of the actors in the movie played their parts very well.  I especially liked Billy Bod Thornton.  His character was supposed to be the hard ass who is out for justice.  He has a humanizing moment in the movie that isn’t traditional for a lot of his characters.  The best actor of the whole movie was Robert Duvall.  He played his character to a tee.  You can’t help but love him and hate him at the same time.  Robert Duvall was the star of the movie even though Robert Downey Jr. is supposed to be the lead actor. The Judge will resonate with those audience members who have daddy issues.
Over all it was a good movie.  Kind of a date movie but not really.  I would pay to go see it.


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