Moon Knight – The Fist of Khonshu


We're back with another Character Corner episode and this time we're talking about the character Moon Knight. Or should we say the characters Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley. Moon Knight is an interesting character to cover. First appearing in 1975 in Werewolf By Night, its pretty clear that early Moon Knight was Marvel's answer to DC's Batman. There's so many obvious comparisons. Early on in Moon Knight stories, Marc Spector wasn't suffering from mental illness. Rather his three personalities were actually cover aliases for him. Interestingly enough, all his aliases also seem to line up with aspects of Bruce Wayne. You have the Billionaire playboy Steven Grant. The highly skilled mercenary Marc Spector. Then there's the seedy Jake Lockley that is clearly based off of Matches Malone (who first appeared in 1972 in Batman comics). Then there's the Moon Knight concept itself. Dressed in all white (versus the all black of Batman), a hero of the night that looks at himself as the "spirit of vengeance" and taking out those criminals that prey on the weak. 

But then Marvel started to put some space between the characters by introducing Khonshu, the Moon God that took Marc Spector has his priest (or fist depending on how you look at it). Instead of some internal drive to make criminals fear him because of the murder of his parents, Spector is driven to fight crime because his God commands it. Or is it that he's just insane? Or both? Later comics definitely show that Khonshu is a very real (and petty and vengeful God). And it's Khonshu that has pretty much driven Marc insane. But it makes for a really interesting character and some very good comics to read (except for the Bendis run. Don't do that to yourselves). 


  • Werewolf By Night #32 - First Appearance
  • Bad Moon Rising Moon Knight Epic Collection
  • Moon Knight Volume 1
  • Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu
  • Marc Spector: Moon Knight
  • Moon Knight: Resurrection Wars #1 - 4
  • Moon Knight: High Strangeness #1 - 4
  • Marvel Knights #1 - 15
  • Moon Knight (2006 - 2009) #1 - 30
  • Vengeance of Moon Knight
  • Secret Avengers 
    • Issue #19 - First appearance of the Mr. Knight suit
  • Moon Knight (2011 - 2012) #1 - 12 - Bendis (you can skip it)
  • Moon Knight (2014) Marvel Now
    • Issues 1 - 6 (Warren Ellis)
    • Issues 7 -12 (Brian Wood)
    • Issues 13 - 17 (Cullen Bunn)
  • All New, All Different Moon Knight (Jeff Lemire Run)
  • Avengers Vol 8 #33 - 38 - Age of Khonshu
  • Moon Knight (2021 - )

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