Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Review – Balancing the Scales


The penultimate episode of Moon Knight really shows the strength of Marvel's Disney+ series when it comes to diving into characters and exploring what makes them tick. This episode sees us get the backstory on why the Steven (and Jake) personalities exist. And it's kinda heartbreaking. Instead of being a weakness, Steven was created to be a strength for Marc. Marc having to come to terms with all of his memories and experiences to balance his scales made for a great watch. In the larger picture, it also shows how the MCU can use these shows to give us the character studies and background on characters in these limited series without needing to use that time in the movies. 

This is a busy upcoming week. We have the final episode of Moon Knight as well as Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness hitting theaters. The embargo for the film is up at midnight on the 3rd so get your filters ready if you're trying to avoid spoilers..

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