Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3: The Friendly Type Review


Episode 3 of Moon Knight picks up the action as Marc, Layla and Khonshu head to Cairo to stop Arthur and it doesn't go well. First off, we get more confirmation of the 3rd personality (Jake) as things get a bit more violent and neither Marc or Steven know who was in control. Also we see why Khonshu is kinda on the outs with the rest of the Gods. Even when he's right and they should be listening, he comes off as completely unhinged. Both Marc and Khonshu look completely out of control compared to Arthur. It's one of those things that shows that you can convince people you aren't a threat by keeping a cool head and acting completely unthreatening. 

Halfway through the season Moon Knight has done a great job of keeping the spirit of the characters while making much needed changes. Layla is clearly supposed to be more like Marlene but with much more agency and a much better character overall. We're also clearly on a journey to see all of Marc's personalities come to terms with each other (along with Khonshu). This is the first time we've seen Khonshu actually be nice to Steven and not talk down to him. Making each personality have their own skillset has really paid off.

Listen as Ro, Kriss and Dpalm talk about episode 3 of Moon Knight.

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