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2020 is almost over but we have one more Premium episode to put out and it's a fun one. Kriss & Dpalm talk about the Miles Morales Spider-Man game and how much of a blast it was to play. The first Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games was so good. The follow up with a smaller (but still great) Miles Morales story is just as good. We wondered how they would incorporate Miles powers in the game and it's handled so well. The first time Miles turns invisible in the game will resonate with Black and Brown people. Also the way his venom powers progress through the game are also done very well. It gives a familiar but unique feeling to playing playing Miles vs Peter.

Both this game and the 2018 do a great job of making being Spider-Man an emotional journey. Just like the 2018 game, the villain here is super personal. Miles having to confront his childhood friend but also his family makes everything emotional and engaging. Added to that, the journey of Miles becoming the "friendly neighborhood Spider" is such a satisfying experience. Seeing the community embrace him as theirs in the game almost makes one want to choke up.

Listen below as we talk about our love for this game and speculate on what's next (there's still so much else they can do with these games and we can't wait).


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