Mass Effect 1 & 2 Legendary Edition


Kriss is joined by Justin from ThreeFifs Podcast to talk about their play through of the Mass Effect series with the Mass Effect Legendary remaster that just dropped. For this episode we talk about the first two games in the series, Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.

Some of the things we talk about:

  • The improved gameplay of Mass Effect 1 as well as how the improved graphics actually help the story
  • How short Mass Effect 1 is compared to the rest of the series
  • Garrius the tank. Seriously level him up and give him a sniper rifle and it's a wrap.
  • Mass Effect 2 literally begins with the death of Sheppard and then his return by the bad guys in the series. Mass Effect is one of those series that playing all the side missions is definitely needed. It gives much needed context to the series. If you didn't play Mass Effect 1 and certain side stories, you might not fully appreciate why everyone sideeyes Sheppard for working with Cerberus. 
  • Everyone is trash. No seriously...EVERY ONE. Turians...trash. Salarians...trash (seriously, trying to rationalize the genophage?...come on). Asari...uppity trash. Quarians? Oh they start off sympathetic but they're also trash. Humans...well humans are human and therefore trash by default. At some point you gotta start thinking that the Reapers and Geth have a point.
  • The choices and decision tree for the suicide mission are so good. You're really rewarded for doing all of the side missions, talking to your crew and actually building bonds with them. Or you don't and everyone dies. 

We'll be back soon to wrap this up by talking Mass Effect 3. Or maybe we'll keep it going and throw Andromeda into the mix (I may or may not have started a new play through of Andromeda a few months ago...)

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