Marvel’s Most Wanted Gets Pilot Order at ABC


Agents-of-SHIELD-Spinoff-Hunter-Bobbi2So the Agents of Shield spinoff show, Most Wanted, starring Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird and Nick Blood's Hunter is officially getting a pilot. ABC President Paul Lee confirmed the pilot order at a Televisions Critics Association Panel on Sunday. The pilot order was reported last summer after initial reports in May that ABC wasn't going to move forward with the show. This is the first time ABC has officially confirmed the pilot order

ABC is still tight lipped on any other Marvel shows that have been rumored. There's a rumored project by John Ridley that's been kept under wraps. Lee did say that he's very pleased with the current season of Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. He also said that the script for Most Wanted is very good and they should start shooting it in the next few months.

I'm really interested in seeing how this works out. Marvel's approach on TV is different from what we see on the CW from DC. Where DC seems to be going big with their super hero characters, Marvel is telling smaller stories with SHIELD agents and it's working out pretty well for them. I think moving Palicki to her own show is a great idea just because Agents of SHIELD has so many great characters its easy for characters like Bobbi to be moved into the background. Bobbi is a good enough character that she can shine on her own show and adding in Hunter can really allow the focus to be on them.



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