Marvel Screen Tests Potential Spider-Man Candidates


Recently it came out that Asa Butterfield was the front runner for playing the next Spider-Man but the decision still hasn't been made. THR reports that Marvel conducted all-day screen testing of 6 potentials for the role:



spider-manTom Holland, who appeared as one of Naomi Watts' sons in the acclaimed tsunami drama The Impossible, and Asa Butterfield, the child star from Hugo and Ender's Game, were the best known of the contenders. The other four hopefuls included: Judah Lewis (a relative newbie who will be seen in the Jean Marc-Vallee's fall drama Demolition), Matthew Lintz (who will be seen with Adam Sandler in this summer's Pixels), Charlie Plummer (who had a recurring gig on Boardwalk Empire) and Charlie Rowe (a British actor who appeared on Fox's short-lived Red Band Society).

(Reports that Butterfield had been offered the role were false, as Marvel is only now in the midst of their decision.)

The tests cap off a worldwide search in which the producers looked at over 1,500 boys from around the world, narrowing them down to the final six only in the last two weeks or so.

The actors were flown to Atlanta for the tests; that is where Marvel is currently in production on Civil War, the movie in which the character will be introduced before going on to headline his own hopeful trilogy that will be made by Sony Pictures.

Present for the tests were Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, former Sony head and now a Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal and Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who are directing Civil War.


Couple of key thing things here. First, always...ALWAYS take unconfirmed reports with a grain of salt. There was a lot of "Asa Butterfield will be the next Spider-Man" posts a few weeks ago. While that still MIGHT be the case, if Marvel is still doing a secret all-day screen testing then clearly the decision hasn't been made.  We should hear something soon but I really do wish sites wouldn't jump the gun declaring things were done deals when they aren't.  The second thing this should tell us is that, as suspected, Spider-Man's role in Civil War should be very small (more than likely a cameo). This isn't shocking. Civil War will be introducing a big character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Black Panther and while Spider-Man in the MCU is huge, Marvel still doesn't own creative control of the character. So it makes sense that Marvel will include a cameo for Spider-Man but nothing too central to the movie. No matter how big or small the role is though, it's going to be great to finally see Spider-Man in the MCU.

One final thing: I don't know much about the young actors screen testing. I've seen a few of them before but nothing really stands out. But Marvel has been excellent with their casting and they seem to recognize talent in a person even if their prior work hasn't shown a lot. They have a way of pulling out great performances and so I'm not worried about any of these choices.




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