Mailbag: Best X-Men Stories After 2000


Where do you start if you're just getting back into the X-Men? What are some of the best X-Men stories after 2000?

We discuss that and more on this episode of the Super Tuesday Recap Mailbag. This is the last Mailbag episode of 2017, which isn't really saying much since it's only the 3rd episode. But it's also our longest episode and we have 3 main topics of the day. Look, the Mailbag episodes are becoming a way for us to talk X-Men and well, we're never going to turn that down.
X-Men aren't all we talk this episode though. We discuss the meta commentary behind Star Wars The Last Jedi, our Top 10 List of Comic Book Series and Marvel canceling books.
  • Listener Emails
    • How to reboot the X-Men film universe
    • Favorite comic book artists that
    • Where to start with the X-Men?
      • Best X-Men runs & series since 2000
        • New X-Men (Morrison)
        • Astonishing X-Men (Whedon)
        • Uncanny X-Men Nation X storyline (Fraction)
        • Schism (Jason Aaron)
        • Wolverine & the X-Men (Aaron)
        • Uncanny X-Force (Bendis)
        • Uncanny X-Men (Bendis)
        • All New X-Men (Bendis)
        • X-Men Gold (Guggenheim)
        • X-Men Blue (Bunn)
  • Topic(s) of the Day
    • The Last Jedi
    • Our Top 10 after 2000 Comics List  & Honorable Mentions
    • Marvel Canceling Books and what needs to change
Make sure you check out Kriss & Dpalm's list of their favorite comic books after 2000.





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