Mailbag #2: Maggot is the Worst of the X-Men

Kriss and Dpalm are back with another Mailbag episode on the Super Tuesday Recap Podcast. We’re answering listener emails, previewing our spoiler review for the Justice League, discussing the X-Men then going through some news about changes at Marvel Comics and more. Also, Dpalm helps Warner Brothers for free and fixes Batman for them. Check it out.
  • Listener Emails
    • X-Men Comics we’re reading right now
    • What’s better? Bi-weekly or monthly comic releases?
    • Must Read books from the Big Two?
      • Doomsday Clock is a true Watchmen sequel
    • How do we select comics for our Character Corner research?
    • Who is our favorite X-Man? Who do we hate?
  • Topic of the Day
    • Will the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League be better?
  • Quick Hits: Good, Bad & Indifferent
    • Changes at Marvel Comics: Bendis leaves for DC Comics, Axel Alonso is out
    • James Franco as Multiple Man?
    • Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman (Plus Dpalm gives WB the best idea for a Batman franchise ever)
    • Jude Law joins Captain Marvel


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