Mailbag #1: Why The DCEU Needs Tim Drake


Welcome to our first mailbag Super Tuesday Recap episode is here and you’re going to love it. We answer some listener emails, discuss the topic of the day (Who should be Robin in the DCEU) and then do some quick hits on news items. We hope to do a mailbag episode every month. If you want to email in, email us at Mailbag@MTRNetwork.Net.


  • Emails
    • Favorite comics outside the big 2
    • Artists/Authors we follow
    • Underrated characters that need their own comics
    • Comic recommendations
  • Topic of the Day
    • Why the Robin in the DCEU should be Tim Drake and why WB will probably make it Damian (and why that’s bad)
  • Quick Hits: Good, Bad & Indifferent
    • Is the shorter runtime for Justice League a good or bad thing?
    • Gambit finally has a release date, is Channing Tatum a good choice for Gambit?
    • Venom production has started, if this takes Venom off the table for the MCU, is that a good thing?


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