Mad Max: Fury Road Review


Kriss and Phenom review Mad Max: Fury Road.  Go see this film

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Terxax 16 May, 2015 at 13:37 Reply

    I really could not get into this movie, I felt like there were gaps in the plot that could have been filled with more dialogue. The action was great, which is why I rated it as average.

    However I would give the the review 5 stars. Maybe you guys could include a rating of your reviews as well as the topic. It would be a good gauge of how much people appreciate your work.

    I do not read or listen to reviews prior to viewing films and rarely seek out someone’s opinion. I find I do not agree with most film critics.

    So now onto why I love this site, I don’t have to agree with the reviewrs on MTR but I respect the reviews reported here. I love that podcasting has opened up the world of reviews, the former closed society is no more.

    I listen to MTR, WM40A (even though I am not into hip hop, listening to the interaction is fun), Black on Black Cinema, GATSPOD, Podcast Fandom & the one that introduced me to all of these podcasts TBGWT. In fact while listening to the review after I saw the film yesterday I had a minor epiphany , I like the fact that you guys enjoyed the movie . And it was fun to listen to because MTR takes reviews seriously. And I signed up for three months of premium, so Kriss in the tally of premium subscribers how is that counted?

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