Lovecraft Country Season 1 Finale Review


Kriss, Ro and Brandon are back to review and discuss the last three episodes of Lovecraft Country:

  • Jig-a-Bobo
  • Rewind 1921
  • Full Circle

There's a lot to discuss with not just these three episodes but the whole series. The first thing though is that HBO did a great job of giving Misha Green the space to tell this story (and make the appropriate adjustments for the show compared to Matt Ruff's novel). It's not just important that a Black woman got to tell this story but it also shows the benefits of giving creators the space and room to tell the full story. The final episode being called "Full Circle" is appropriate for how it pulls in a lot of elements from the previous episodes as well as themes to connect everything. To those paying attention, those threads were always there but sometimes audiences need to see the finished product to really put it all together. Lovecraft is definitely a show that could benefit from a second (or more) viewing to catch even more hints at how things will come together.

There's also a needed conversation about the generational pain and trauma that is passed down through Black families. Atticus and Montrose's complex relationship becomes more clear and understandable at the end of this series. The series doesn't make excuses for it but focuses more on how to break the cycle so the next generation is allowed to live without those burdens. 

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