Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Review: We Was Kangz


Welp. They did it. We knew Kang/Immortus/Nathaniel Richards was involved in someway, we just didn't know they were actually gonna give us an on-screen introduction with the great Jonathan Majors. Welcome to the MCU Mr. Majors. We can't wait to see how all this unfolds. In true fashion with the season finale, Marvel answers some questions then leaves us with even more questions. To be honest, this season finale means everything is on the table. Are we gonna go full Hickman Fantastic Four? Maybe. Could we do Time Runs Out and Secret Wars? Why not. Everything is on the table and we're here for it. 

But even more than what they're doing with the future of the MCU and the multiverse, this show still focused on Loki and giving us a great look at the character. We started this season with Loki refusing to admit who he truly is and his character and ended with him not only accepting that but actively trying to change and be better. So far Marvel is 3 for 3 for these Disney+ shows and how they examine, explore and expand upon the characters they center.

Also this is first of the live action Disney+ shows to confirm for us that there will be a season 2. And given what is reveal, they kinda had too. 

Next up is What If? and if you you think this is a break just because it's animated, well...you haven't been paying attention.


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