Loki Episode 4 – It’s All a Lie


Get in losers...we're taking down the TVA.

Well Loki and Sylvie finally get in front of the Time Masters. Too bad they're just animatronic puppets. While we don't have all the answers things are beginning to become a bit more clear. 

  • Ravonna is clearly in on whatever is going on. If that means she's acting alone & in charge or in conjunction with someone else (maybe someone whose name starts with 'K') we don't know. We know that she first took Sylvie as a variant years before and the smirk on her face when Sylvie wants to know why, should be enough to let everyone know she's not up to any good
  • While it might seem weird, it makes total sense that a narcissist like Loki would only love or fall in love with himself...or a version of himself.
  • It's always good to see Lady Sif, even if she's just a time loop version that is kicking Loki in the balls
  • What's better than one Loki? Two Lokis of course. But what's better than 2 Lokis? Well, 4 more Lokis of course...one Black, one in a classic Loki costume, Kid Loki and Gator Loki. We of course need a Marvel movie with Gator Loki and Frog Thor. Make it happen Feige.

With only two episodes left, we know episode 5 is going to drop a lot of reveals on us. What does Ravonna know and what did she do? Where did Loki end up when he was "purged" and why are their other Loki there? Were/are the Time Masters real? Was the TVA always populated by variants and if so what is the real purpose? We know this show is going to end strong and we can't see where they go with it.


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