LOKI Episode 2: Let’s Break Time


One thing that you gotta love about Marvel's foray into the Disney+ series is that they aren't even trying to slow roll it. The Loki series is clearly jumping with both feet into the realm of not only time but also the multiverse. And we love it. There's a few things that we really enjoyed about this episode:

  • While this Loki is still arrogant and thinks he's the center of everything, this show and episode does a great job of peeling back that.
  • The buddy cop banter between Loki and Mobius is still great. We've never really seen Loki up against someone that can see through his antics and call him out like Mobius did. There are some theories as to why that is...
  • "The Variant" aka Lady Loki (although she doesn't want to be called that) having a plan that clearly is more involved and bigger than Loki's scheme of "meet the Time Keepers and take over the TVA". 
  • We know the importance of Ravonna and while it doesn't mean that her comic background and relationships will be translated to the MCU, we know that Kang is coming in the next Ant-Man film and so it's something we're keeping our eyes on.
  • The flaw established in the TVA's protocol for detecting any changes to the timeline could have severe repercussions. While it's seemingly like this is something the Variant is using to hide, could it also be used to hide the workings of others?
  • We're only 2 episodes in and we've already reach the point where we've completely broken time. And there's 4 more episodes left

Listen as we break down this episode and prepare for episode 3.

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