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We're back for part two of our Little Fires Everywhere chat. This time around, Shanna decided to jump in the mix. We're picking back up with the discussion expanding beyond dragging Pearl - although there's still a bit of that - and into the themes and moments that kept us engaged, made us pause so to think, and the mess that still has us puzzled. 

We give reasons to add Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere to your watch-list

Little Fires Everywhere turned out to be the perfect balance of mess, emotional turmoil, and family drama. In a time when television adaptations seem to leave out the core elements that made the book work, showrunner Liz Tigelaar and the Little Fires writers' room not only preserved Celeste Ng's narrative, it cut to the heart and soul expanding on its themes and making great television. 

So tune in while we chop it up and remember at the end of the day. minding your business is always free. If you haven't added 


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Reese Witherspoon (Elena Richardson), Kerry Washington (Mia Warren), Joshua Jackson (Bill Richardson), Rosemarie DeWitt (Linda McCullough), Jade Pettyjohn (Lexie Richardson), Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson), Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson), Megan Stott (Izzy Richardson), Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren), and Huang Lu (Bebe)


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