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Little Fires Everywhere is the Messy Drama/Mystery You Didn't Know You Needed...

Welcome back to another I Talk Sh*t & Read Book-to-Screen chat. This time, Ro and Joi are kicking off  a new one and the topic's Hulu Original series, Little Fires Everywhere.

Hulu's Series is an Adaptation that Elevates the Source Material  

Little Fires Everywhere Show-Tie Book CoverAdapted from the novel by acclaimed writer Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere is the story of two different worlds (we're talking class difference folks) colliding when a nomadic artist Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) and her daughter (Lexi Underwood) arrive in Shaker Heights, Ohio and meet Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) and her picture perfect family. 

In the hands of showrunner (and executive producer) Liz Tigelaar, this adaptation of Little Fires Everywhere masterfully adds depth and contemporary nuance to both the overall story arc and each character. 

The writing, directing, and production teams bring it all together with irresistible visuals and perfectly time irreverence. 

Questions At Every Turn...

What starts as just another a story about two women and their journey as mothers is now moody mystery with a subtly addictive narrative in the hands of actors giving masterful performances. There's emotional complexity, clashes of privilege, angst, and dangerous upheaval.

Thus far, the writing and direction seamlessly (despite the varied creators) blends shifting perspectives and dramatic highs and lows together in a way certain to keep attention.

To start things off we limited our discussion to topics arising out of episodes one through four respectively. The first four episodes, 'The Spark', 'Seeds and All', 'Seventy Cents', and 'The Spider Web' set the stage for what's shaping out to be an exciting second half.

We've got opinions, theories, and serious gratitude for the realness buried in all this glorious mess. 

Directors:Lynn Shelton (The Spark, The Spider Web) and Michael Weaver (Seeds and All, Seventy Cents) 
Writers:Liz Tigelaar (The Spark), Nancy Won (Seeds), Raamla Mohamed (Seventy Cents), Attica Locke (The Spider Web)
New Episodes Wednesdays on Hulu (Eight Episodes) 







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