Lex Luthor – A Diabolical Genius with a Quest For Power Who is Truly Evil


*Note* Excuse the audio issues this episode. I was partly sick when recording this and didn't check my settings.*

We’re back! While our Summers Brothers episode was technically the first Character Corner of 2018, we recorded it in 2017, so this Lex Luthor episode is the first real episode of 2018. And you all are in for a treat. This episode is slightly different from our other Character Corners. We still go through the history of Lex but we spend more time really discussing and breaking down the core of the character. Unlike other DC characters, the core of Lex Luthor has strangely been consistent throughout his depictions. Sure his early first appearance in Action Comics #23 really set up as the ridiculous comic book villain stereotype, but the interesting thing about Lex is how his depiction mirrors the “stereotyped” bad guy of the era he’s in.  He’s been a ridiculous caricature of a bad guy in the 40’s, evil real estate billionaire, overweight and shrewd corporate exec and even a billionaire evil President. Each version might have a reworked background but for a DC character, he’s oddly enough very consistent in how he’s portrayed.
The basis of Lex is always his absurd hatred of Superman followed by his true belief that if not for Superman, he himself would be a good guy/hero. There are some really great non-canon stories that show this (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and All-Star Superman for example). 
This is a great episode that you’re not gonna want to miss as we break down what makes Lex Luthor tick. Oh and Kriss makes it very clear, Lex doesn’t qualify for his “Villain Agenda”. Find out why.

Key Issues (we cover a lot more than what’s listed here):

  • Action Comics #43 - First Appearance
  • Non-Canon 
    • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
    • All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison)
      • Issue #5 - Clark visits Lex in jail
  • The Man of Steel (1986) - John Byrne redesigns the character
    • Issue #4 - sets up a hostage situation on his own boat to try to hire Superman
  • The Death of Superman: Superman vol1 #149
  • Superman vol 2 #2 - Is told Clark Kent is Superman, doesn’t believe it
  • President Luthor
    • President Luthor: Secret Files & Origins
    • Our Worlds at War
    • Superman - Batman (Jeph Loeb)
      • Vol 1 - Public Enemies - Whole series is great, first 6 issues deal with the end of President Lex 
  • Superman: Birthright (Mark Waid)
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Fifty-Two
    • Issues 34 & 35 - Turns off the Everyman powers for citizens and makes it “rain bodies” on New Years 
  • New Krypton saga
    • Superman: New Krypton
    • Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton
    • Superman: War of the Supermen
  • Superman: The Black Ring
  • Forever Evil
  • Rebirth



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