Legends of Tomorrow Review: The Legends Head to Vietnam

For a show that has no problem having fun and comedic moments, Welcome to the Jungle is a pretty serious episode for Legends of Tomorrow. Considering the horrors and tragedies of Vietnam, it's nice to see that this show found a way to honor that seriousness while still making the episode feel like it fits with the series. Seeing Mick have to come to deal with the fact that he might be the real monster and not his father is a reminder of how far this character has come from the crazy person he was in season 1. The revelation that these "random" anachronisms might not be so random because the legends keep running into either their younger selves or relatives has us wondering about what could really be going on. Amaya trying to connect with Grodd and in the process realize that Kuasa might also be a victim of what was done to her and not just evil because she was born that way will lead to some interesting things when she comes face to face with Grodd and Kuasa again.
This episode was great and they sidelined Sara for the whole episode. Imagine that. 
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The team trace a new Anachronism to the jungles of Vietnam. Rory and Nate bump into someone from Rory's past.

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